Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Blog challenge winners and

Well as promised I am here with winners for December and January.
(Late again but I now have the cold virus that half of the UK seem to be down with at the moment!)
I am also here to tell you about relaunching the blog challenge as of April 1st.
As you know I suffer from a chronic illness and the last couple of months have been incredibly hard for me, not helped by the fact that my husband who is an army veteran has also been particularly unwell :(  However, I feel that things are possibly more level for me now and hopefully when hubby comes home at the end of March, he will be feeling a little better too.
So, the blog challenges will start up again on April the first and it will be
Anything Goes
for the first month - however, I am going to start up the linky at the bottom of this post so if some of you would like to enter now you can (remember you can enter up to 3 projects).
But first the winners for December and January and the top 3 too.
Decembers winner is;
And the top 3 for this month are;
70 - Cebelica
The winner for January is;
and top 3;
29 - Eemeli
74 - JennyH
If you could email me HERE with either blog winner or blog top 3 I will sort out a little something for the winner plus winner badges and top 3 badges to display on your blogs if you wish to do so :)

So if you want to get an early start on the April challenge you can using the linky below, but I will be back with DT inspiration next month. 
Thank you all so much for bearing with me through what has been a very difficult time and I do hope you'll join in with our Anything Goes challenge for April. - I may do another giveaway alongside the challenge as a little thank you too.

Take care and see you all soon  (linky below)


Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Hello and a big sorry

Hi everyone.
Sincere apologies that there has been no blog challenge this month and that the December winners haven't been chosen. I have as you know been unwell, but my husband has been very poorly too and is in hospital for 6 weeks at the moment.
I promise I will be along with winners at the weekend and I also hope to get a March blog challenge up and running too.
Thank you so much for your patience and apologies again that I haven't been here.
I hope you'll join in again when I finally manage to get back to normal and start the challenges again.
Best wishes

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Candy winners

Hi all - sorry I'm a bit late with the winner of the blog candy - I've been my usual poorly self and sadly we lost our old dog at the weekend so we have been very upset over that too.
Anyway, I am here now to do the blog candy here and on the other site.
So the winner for this blog is...
30 - Anne Lise
congratulations :)
Please email me HERE and put
'Blog Candy Winner' in the subject bar so I won't miss it. - don't forget to put your address
so I can send out your prize :)
I hope you're all having a good January (it's seems such a long month LOL) and I will see you very soon

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Blog Candy :)

Hi everyone.
Well Christmas is almost here and I am not ready at all lol.
Never mind, as long as the family are together things will be great.
I have been thinking alt about this year, which hasn't been great for me.  I have chronic health problems anyway, which most of you probably know, but I've also had pneumonia this year, followed by shingles and I still haven't really recovered fully.
However, I am grateful that I am at present able to create things which gives me immense pleasure and I know that many of us craft as a sort of therapy, even if just for relaxation after a tough day at work :)
So, I am hoping for a better year next year, but I know that January can be a bit flat after all the preparations for Christmas, which seem to start earlier every year, so I thought I would do a blog candy.  In fact I am doing 2, one here and one on my blog HERE  , so you can add your name to both if you like :) (It seems that this happens automatically - not sure how I've managed to do that but now you only need to enter one to be entered into both :) ) It's also a big thank you to all of you who enter our challenges and support this blog:)
This is what you could win;
All you need to do to enter is add you name to the linky at the bottom (it would be nice if you choose to follow me but you don't have to if you don't want to :))
It would also be nice if you left a comment just to say hi, but again, not essential.
I am going to run it until the 7th of January, so you have a month to enter and don't forget to pop over to the challenge blog and enter there too :)
Hopefully I will be back before the big day, but if not I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and hope that you all get some great pressies (ooh, please comment after the day and let me know what you've received, as I'm very nosy and I'd love to know :) )

Take care

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year - January Challenge

Hello all and
Happy New Year!!!
As usual I am running late - it doesn't bode well for the year ahead does it LOL!! Anyway, I hope you all had a great New Years eve and are ready for 2015.  2014 for me, hasn't been that great so I am keeping my fingers crossed for better things this year.  If you've had a bit of a rough year I hope things go better for you in the coming year too :)
It's the first of the month though so that means it's time for a new challenge and also to give the winners for the November challenge.  So the winner is...
The top three for November are...
2 - Liselot
34 - Penny
congratulations ladies.  If you would like to email me HERE I will send you badges to dosplay on your blogs.  (Susan, if you let me have your address, I'll pop a little something in the post for you too as you are the winner :) )
Now onto the first challenge of the year which is..
Say it with Flowers
As always the design team ladies have done some fab projects to give you a bit of inspiration - don't forget to pop over to say Happy New Year to them too :)


So, please join in with our challenge this month and don't forget to enter the little giveaway that is running at the top of the blog - remember if you enter there are 2 chances to win as you also get automatically entered into the other draw on my own personal crafty blog HERE !
Have a great month

Monday, 1 December 2014

December challenge and October winner.

Hi everyone and happy December!!  Only 24 sleeps until Christmas - and I am so NOT ready!!
I am crossing my fingers that the new year will be a better one for me healthwise and I am thinking about whether to make any resolutions for the new year - has anyone already decided on what their resolution will be?  I really just want to feel better!
However, I am looking forward to Christmas, especially having the day with my family, just sitting around, chatting and having a good meal together :)
Anyway, back to our challenges, and first of to the winner and top three for October.
So the winner of the October challenge is;
111 - Deonna B
and the top 3 for October are;
130 - Jana K
So ladies if you email me HERE with winner or top 3 in the subject bar I will get blog badges sent out to you.  (Deonna, let me have your address and I'll pop you a little something in the post :) )
So this month the challenge is;
It's cold outside - Winter and/or Christmas :)
It is chilly here today so I want to see your frosty winter makes, cards, scrapbook layouts, home d├ęcor projects - anything you have crafted to celebrate the wintry season.
As usual the design team have done some super cute projects for inspiration.
So please join in this month with our challenge - I love looking through everyone's fab makes.
I hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas, and I'll 'see' you all in the new year :)

Saturday, 1 November 2014

November Challenge, September winner

Hi all, and welcome to our November blog challenge (although I am running slightly late due to hubby coming out of hospital yesterday :) )
The sun is still shining here and it is rather mild for the time of year, but I am manically making Christmas cards for a craft sale in a couple of weeks!
I bet you've all got Christmas all wrapped up (pardon the pun) and are already onto Valentine's Day and Easter - I am sooo behind!!
Anyway before the challenge this month I had better list the winner and Top 3 for September.
Well there were so many entries I had to pick 5 top 3 people and that was really hard as everyone's cards were fabulous as always.
Anyway, the winner is
Claire, if you email me HERE with challenge winner in the subject box I'll send you your winner badge for your blog and if you send me your address I'll pop a little something in the post for you too :)
(I have been having some problems with emails not reaching my inbox, so I have used a different address to usual and if you haven't heard form me within a week please drop me a comment on the blog so I can go searching for the email - Thank you)
Onto our 5 top 3 (I know it sounds ridiculous LOL!)
If you would email me HERE I will send you a top 3 badge for your blogs (same as above ladies, if you don't hear from me just drop me a comment on the blog and I'll go a searching :) )
So onto the challenge for November!!!
The theme this month is;
Bright Colours
So lots of lovely reds, oranges, greens etc - all the colours that let us know that Autumn is truly upon us (unless you're in the Southern Hemisphere of course, in which case please forgive me :) ) and nice bright colours that will cheer us up as the colder weather descends upon us!
As usual my wonderful DT have sent me through some inspiration for you all;



I do hope you'll join us this month with our bright colours challenge - I love seeing all of your amazing projects - even if it does make it impossible to choose the top3 LOL!!