Tuesday, 1 July 2014

July challenge, May winners.

Hello all and a happy July :)
The weather here is beautiful and sunny which always makes me feel much better, and it also feels like Summer is really here!
So, it's time for another challenge but first of all here is the winner and the top 3 for May.
The winner is;
and the top 3 are;
50 - Norma
59 - Claire C
If you email me HERE , I will send you a blog badge and sort out a little something for the winner :)
Just before the challenge details I want to say goodbye to DT member Jane who is leaving us and I want to say a huge thank you to her for all of the fab projects she has made for the blog over the months.  All of the DT members do fab work in their own valuable spare time and I am always sad when someone leaves, so thanks to all of the DT members and thanks again to Jane :)
Onto the July challenge and seeing as Summer has arrived here in the UK the theme this month is;
Summer Flowers
You can make any sort of crafty project to enter, as long as you have handmade it.
Here is some fab inspiration by the DT girls - don't forget to pop and see them and say hello!




As usual we would love for you to join in the fun and enter anything you make into our challenge.
We look forward to looking through all of your fab makes :)

Sunday, 1 June 2014

June challenge, April winners

Good morning all and happy June to you!!!  Half way through the year already :)
The weather is improving here although it has been a bit wet and quite muggy so we're hoping for more sunshine too, plus I'm fed up of having to wash the dog every time he steps through the back door lol  (and here's a sneaky picture to let you see how he's grown :))

Anyway, onto the winner and top 3 for the April challenge - thank you as always for all the fab entries, it really is great to look at all the amazing arty projects that you all make.
So the winner of the April challenge is;
And the top three are;
For badges for blogs please email me HERE and I'll get them to you.
So onto the June challenge and the theme for this month is...
Something for the boys and/or use your dies.
I thought this was pretty relevant as Father's Day is nearly upon us but obviously not everyone likes making stuff for the men in our lives - they are just so difficult to make for! - you can choose to use your die cuts instead :)
As usual my long suffering design team ( who all deserve a medal for putting up with the disorganised person that is me) have made some great inspirational projects ;



We would love for you all to join in this month as crafting is just so much fun. In fact craft is about the only thing that has kept me going for the last couple of months.  As some of you may know I am just getting over a nasty bout of pneumonia and being able to look through all of your fab blogs, even when I couldn't craft myself, really cheered me up and now I can craft again (although not as much as I'd like to!) I have realised that without being able to craft, whether that be making cards, knitting, crocheting, sewing or anything else, I would be really very unhappy.  So, my point is, if you've never joined in with a challenge before and have just been looking around at everyone else's fab projects, please don't be afraid to join in and show off what you've made, it really can be a huge spirit lifter.  And if you're new to crafting or just need any help with anything please don't be afraid to get in touch :)
Right I am going now but look forward to seeing your makes as always!!

Friday, 2 May 2014

May challenge, March winner

Hello everyone, I know I'm really late this month, but I hope you will forgive me!  I made the fatal mistake of telling my mum, who was full of cold, 'don't worry, I never get colds anymore...'  - you can guess can't you?  I came down with not only a cold but the worst chest and throat infection that I've had for years :(  along with my other health issues I've spent most of last month in bed and have achieved very little, which makes me very crabby LOL.
Anyway, I finally feel like I'm on the mend (touch wood) so the challenge is a little late!
First of all I'd better do the March winner and top 3 so here we go;
The winner is...

67 - Faith A
The top 3 are (really difficult to choose from the oodles of entries we got :))
108 - Katie Tate
If you would like to email me HERE I will email you blog badges etc.
So, this month a new challenge which is;
Use your favourite embellishments.
If you're anything like me, your favourite can change from one minute to the next!
As usual the design team have done a fab job to inspire you so do please pop and say hello :)




You are welcome to enter any crafty project you have made that fits our theme, so please do give it a go and join in - it's great fun going round looking at all the entries and being inspired by all the amazing art work that people are producing.
You can enter up to 3 times.
Have a great month and thanks for joining in at Ladybug Crafts

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

April challenge /February winner

Good morning (or afternoon, or evening :)) everyone! 
I hope you are all feeling fine and enjoying some Spring sunshine (or maybe the colours of Autumn if you're in the Southern Hemisphere).  It's a little dull here today but we have had some sun and it really does lift your spirits, especially if like me you've been  under the weather - I am hoping for a lovely warm Summer this year with not too much rain - I think everyone, in the UK at least, has had enough rain this Winter to last a lifetime :)
Anyway, first of all we must do the winner and top three for February (I know I am running a month behind as usual - I really will try to get us back up to date over Summer). Thank you to everyone who joins in with our challenges, we really love looking at all of your amazing projects!
The winner then for the February challenge is...
The top three are;
68 - Mynn
If you email me HERE I will send you a badge for your blog if you would like one .
The challenge for this month can only be...
Here Comes Spring :)
The winner will get a £10 voucher to spend at Ladybug Crafts and the winner and top three will get a badge to display on their blog!
As usual my fabulous design team have done a great job with inspirational projects (thank you so much ladies :)), so please pop on over and say hello - tell them I sent you xx



I do hope you'll join in with our challenge this month - remember it doesn't have to be a card, it can be any project that you have hand crafted. We look forward to seeing all of your entries.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

March challenge - Spring is here!!

Well hello there everyone and welcome to Spring!!  I know I say it every month but where does the time go??  Over here in the UK it has been a very wet couple of months and getting around locally has been a bit of a nightmare for us due to lots of flooding but we are so lucky, and thankful,  that our house is not on a flood plain, so that we have not had the dreadful time that some people have had with their houses being deluged.  If you are someone who has been terribly affected please know our thoughts are with you and we are praying that Spring really is here and the ground starts to dry out!
Anyway, lets first of all do the January challenge winner and top three :) Thanks to those of you who entered.  So the winner is;
6 - Helen
and the top three are;
15 - Lisa D
If you would like to email me HERE I will send through the winner prize and also a top three badge if you would like to display it on your blog.  We now also have a winners badge too so you can let everyone know you have won!
On we go then to the March challenge, which this month is everyone's favourite...
Anything Goes!!
Don't forget you can enter any kind of crafting project you have made, it doesn't have to be a card - just look at the beautiful gift bag that Jane has made his month :)
As usual my fabulous DT ladies have come up with some great inspiration so don't forget to pop on over and pay them a visit (they definitely deserve some love as they fit in their DT projects around all their other commitments voluntarily and they also put up with me lol)




We would love it if you would join in this month and we can't wait to see your brilliant crafty makes!
Don't forget to tell your friends too as we are very nearly at the 300 member mark so we will be having a giveaway when we hit the magic number!
Finally just a little note to let you know that Bertie our Irish Setter pup is now 6 months old!  I promised I would show his progress as he grows.  He is a proper teenager right now and pushing the limits all the time but I adore him and he has definitely helped with my grief for William.  Here he is right now;

Thanks for looking and enjoy this months challenge

Saturday, 1 February 2014

February - Already!!

Hello to everyone :)  I am running late (As usual LOL) but I could have sworn it wasn't February until tomorrow!  Anyway, I am here now! 
So onto December's winner and top three.
The winner is;
52 - Gail L
and top 3 are;
Please contact me HERE and I will send winning voucher and top three badges :)
Now for the February challenge and with Valentine's day nearly upon us what better topic than;
Be Mine :)
So we want to see any of your crafting projects  whether it's a card, a scrapbook page, something stitched or anything else as long as you have hand crafted it :) 
As usual my fab DT have done some great projects to give you some inspiration - don't forget to pop over to see them and leave them some crafty love :)



We are very nearly at the 300 followers mark now so when we do hit it I will sort out some blog candy so don't forget to follow us :)
Hope you all have a great month

Friday, 3 January 2014

January challenge

Hello everyone, and a very Happy New Year to you all.  Apologies for the late blog post but as usual my health has other plans for me!  Nevermind, I am up and about at the moment :)
I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, full of family and friends and lots of crafty pressies! But now, 2014 is here and Christmas feels like it was weeks and weeks ago.  Thanks to all who entered the December challenge and as usual I loved looking through all the entries, great for inspiration and also to see how talented you crafters are! 
 However, as we work a month behind onto the winner for NOVEMBER.
The winner is...
23 - Norma
And top three are...
59 - Angela P
If you email me HERE and I will sort out prizes/badges for blogs.  I have been having some problems with my emails not getting through so if anyone has won a top three badge from me who should have please drop me an email and I will send another one out asap :)
The January challenge is;  Give Thanks
There are always lots of people to thanks after Christmas and lots of things to be thankful for so I would love to see thank you cards or scrap book pages or any other crafty item that you have made to give thanks.  The design team have done some beautiful projects so don't forget to pop over to them and leave some love




I hope you've all had a great start to the new year and I am looking forward to the challenges for the year ahead and I would be so happy if you would join us along the way.
I am nearly at 300 followers now so think that a little blog candy might be in order when we get there!