Saturday 10 October 2015

Massive Apologies

Hi all.
I am so, so sorry there hasn't been been a blog challenge for the last couple of months./
I did schedule a post explaining with the last winners etc but that seems to have gone missing, I can only assume it's because of my Windows 10 update and my failure to check up on things.

I am unable to run the challenge at the moment just due to familial problems and health etc.
I am so grateful to everyone who has joined in with us over the last couple of years and of course to the fab ladies who have always done some inspirational cards for the posts.
Maybe in the future I might be able to start it up again, but for the time being I just cannot cope with it, which is unfair to everyone who joins in.

I will go now and see if I can recover who the last winners were and re-post them later on.
Thanks to the lady who messaged me which brought to my attention that my scheduled post hadn't gone live.

Thanks again to all who have joined in and apologies once more