Sunday 1 June 2014

June challenge, April winners

Good morning all and happy June to you!!!  Half way through the year already :)
The weather is improving here although it has been a bit wet and quite muggy so we're hoping for more sunshine too, plus I'm fed up of having to wash the dog every time he steps through the back door lol  (and here's a sneaky picture to let you see how he's grown :))

Anyway, onto the winner and top 3 for the April challenge - thank you as always for all the fab entries, it really is great to look at all the amazing arty projects that you all make.
So the winner of the April challenge is;
And the top three are;
For badges for blogs please email me HERE and I'll get them to you.
So onto the June challenge and the theme for this month is...
Something for the boys and/or use your dies.
I thought this was pretty relevant as Father's Day is nearly upon us but obviously not everyone likes making stuff for the men in our lives - they are just so difficult to make for! - you can choose to use your die cuts instead :)
As usual my long suffering design team ( who all deserve a medal for putting up with the disorganised person that is me) have made some great inspirational projects ;



We would love for you all to join in this month as crafting is just so much fun. In fact craft is about the only thing that has kept me going for the last couple of months.  As some of you may know I am just getting over a nasty bout of pneumonia and being able to look through all of your fab blogs, even when I couldn't craft myself, really cheered me up and now I can craft again (although not as much as I'd like to!) I have realised that without being able to craft, whether that be making cards, knitting, crocheting, sewing or anything else, I would be really very unhappy.  So, my point is, if you've never joined in with a challenge before and have just been looking around at everyone else's fab projects, please don't be afraid to join in and show off what you've made, it really can be a huge spirit lifter.  And if you're new to crafting or just need any help with anything please don't be afraid to get in touch :)
Right I am going now but look forward to seeing your makes as always!!


  1. I love what you wrote about crafting - I feel the same way! I'm not happy when I'm not creating my cards, but seeing other people's cards really cheers me up! And thank you for choosing my card in your top 3 - I am honoured! I will email you for the badge - and I will post it on my blog with pride! Thanks and have a great day! I will be back to enter your challenge :-)

  2. Thank you for sharing the gorgeous DT inspirations and for another fab challenge! He is a very beautiful lad! Stunning, wish my hair was that colour!! Karen x

  3. Thanks so much for choosing me as one of the winners for April! And, glad to hear you are improving from pneumonia!!!

  4. Thanks for your efforts in continuing the challenges while you were fighting pneumonia. It is so true that even browsing the projects made by others lifts up our spirits! I hope you will get to craft more and more!